Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parents ~ 50th wedding anniversary trip

Sunday part 1 ~

When my family arrived, Kirk was attending a guys-only wilderness event in Joshua Tree National Park: rock climbing; zip lines;' orienteering' (huh?); cooking out doors; etc...(bad coffee, lots of sand & dirt; sounds fab?!)
He slept in the back of the Yukon, poor darlin' ~ we are not campers!
He drove in from the desert for church with the crew Sunday am. Following (& because Kirk had missed "mom birthday celebration #1") we all gathered at one of our all time fave OC restaurants, Maggiano's, to once again get our party on. Knew mom would love it: food, atmosphere & they play her beloved Rat Pack music.
What family meal would be complete, at Maggiano's, without their divine Profiteroles for dessert.
Oh my stars, yes, if you're counting ...that's 2 meals + desert back to back.
Where is the Muu-muu shoppe? Thank heaven's, we're next door to South Coast Plaza!
~> It is true, everything does sound better in French: e.g. ~> le grands derrière, vrs:
"... ah, pardon me, Miss Shoppe Girl, what swim suits do you have in stock that will fit a '57 Buick !".
Make the substitution in the request & let me know what you think.
A 1957 Buick:

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