Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ode to Road Trips

Ode to Road Trips, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

Recently my sis-in-law Linda's flights from Vail to Dallas ..well, just did-not-happen.

To make a long/hideous/home-land-security-level-orange + winter storm/story/short, she drove home via rental SUV.

OM:Stars what an adventure....due to bad weather trip, said road took nearly 8 hours longer than predicted.

Flash forward to Friday 1/8 afternoon, was making my way out of town & got caught in "weekend get away traffic", Whilst stopped-still on the freeway, noticed this vignette in the console of my car with the following Road Trip Gear:
~> iTouch on Glee's version of Bust a Move
~> Vicks (wheter getting on a plane or in a car ... thanks mom! ;D )
~> best lip balm ever : Lobello...from Austria ....strawberry flavor ... from Linda of course !
~> Brighton jewelry bag as iTouch bag; great camouflage
~> Cell Phone + Charger ... this plus AAA card (not shown) are both mandatory equip, as sweet SIL Linda Lou also confirmed on her return trip from Vail ... woo hoo...adventures in driving!