Monday, June 7, 2010

Apt Studio ~ Art Studio ??

Will our heroine be able to gather all ... and only (the real challenge)... her needed belongings; organize them, for swift & sure move to new Studio Apartment this Friday 6/11; then get settled all cozy comfy ensconced her new Mary-Tyler-Moore Pad; to start her new fabulous job on Tuesday 6/15??
Or will she get distracted by the super cool thought of turning her new studio apartment into an Art Studio?? Oh-my-Wow! ~ ha ha ha!
For more details see these two sets:

For more Details see these two sets:

Hugzz & Luv to you all ~ Will be off PV rest of this week.

Friday, June 4, 2010

For openers, our Linda is über: ~> talented, generous, loving, brilliant, and has a sense of humor that’s belly-laugh-delightful.

Whilst am writing ~> know when she reads this, she’ll probably turn a cute shade of pink, because …our subject is also extremely humble and prefers not having a spot light turned on these God-given gifts; all impossible to hide under a bushel basket… or even a led-lined nuclear power rod container.

She has dedicated her adult life to working in underserved communities as a public school educator. First as a class room Teacher: working with students and proactively reaching out to parents; mentoring peer teachers; uplifting all along the way. In TN: in conditions similar to those found in Appalachia; currently in Dallas, where English is the 2nd language for 95% of students.

Presently, her role is one who trains & mentors Teachers to improve their education processes in same bi-lingual environment. As such, developed and wrote a bi-lingual puppet show whose impact to her local & surrounding clientele has been significant. Training the students to put-on the entire show, including hosting & ushering their peers, Teachers and guest Administrators… development opportunities abound.

Linda’s language arts program and puppet show is of a quality and efficacy that it gained attention & momentum across the school district…now on its own new and exciting journey. Where all seed planting aspires.

All of this and ~>>she also ~ for 6 years, has been Leader/developer/teacher-wrangler/writer/creative director of a children’s curriculum & program for a Retreat held each Thanksgiving weekend in Germany. The Retreat’s attendees are US Service Men & Women, Missionaries: Medical, Chaplain and Spiritual; all working in Balkan and countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain; the families include their children.

Linda is simply: sister, friend, nanny, teacher, mentor, advocate, singer, writer, chief-cook-bottle washer, care-giver-extraordinaire … oh & nose-wiper … yes, I mean mine too!

Fall 2010, she moves on to a new school (in Dallas); much to the shock & awe of her current mates, teachers and student-constituents. They are having a tough time with this transition ~ not a surprise.

As with all new Chapters … this means a fresh white page for all parties in the relationship, in the equation.

How will *we* make the very best of this?

Well, let’s borrow a bit of advice from the song written for the Broadway production of Mary Poppins ~> "Anything can happen if you let it"

To Listen:

Anything can happen if you let it
Sometimes things are difficult but you can bet it
Doesn't have to be so

Changes can be made
You can move a mountain if you use a larger spade

Anything can happen, it's a marvel

You can be a butterfly

Or just stay larval

Stretch your mind beyond fantastic
Dreams are made of strong elastic

Take some sound advice and don't forget it

Anything can happen if you let it

I wonder...

Anything can happen if you let it

You won't know a challenge until you've met it

No one does it for you

No one but yourself
Vacillating violets get left up on the shelf
Anything can happen, just imagine

That should be epitaph
I wear the badge in
Hhonour of this world's free thinkers

Those who see beyond their blinkers

Jelly isn't jelly

'Til you set it
Anything can happen if you let it

Anything can happen if you let it
What good is a whistle

Unless you whet it

Broaden your horizons

Open different doors

You may find a you there that you never knew was yours

Anything can happen

Raise the curtain
Things you though impossible

Will soon seem certain
Thought at first it may sound clownish
See the world more upside-downish
Turn it on its head then pirouette it

Anything can happen if you let it

If you reach for the stars
All you get are the stars
But we've found a whole new spin
If you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in

You get the stars thrown in

If you reach for the stars
All you get are the stars
But we've found a whole new spin
If you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in

Anything can happen if you let it
Life is out there waiting so go and get it
Grab it by the collar, seize it by the scruff
Once you've started living life you just can't get enough

Anything can happen, it's official
You can choose the super or the superficial
Sally forth the way we're steering
Obstacles start disappearing
Go and chase your dreams you won't regret it
Anything can happen
(Anything can happen)
Anything can happen
Anything can happen

If you let it

~>The End <~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time to Celebrate

Me Update: accepted a position yesterday afternoon ~ time to Celebrate & express Gratitude!!!

Am having the following line from this co’s HR needle pointed onto a pillow ~> said when they delivered the job offer:

...You interviewed for one job, when we met you …said 'wow…need to bump this up to AVP position' ….

I have landed somewhere very special indeed with a group of outstanding people!

God is good dear friends ~ could not have gone down this road without you & your treasured TLC!

My best to you & yours; hope you thoroughly enjoy the holiday weekend!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day 2010 ~> Pro-keds Lo Top Sneaker from

Fresh Water Earth Day 2010 Pro-keds Lo Top Sneaker from

Fresh Water Celebrate Earth Day 2010!!!
Save our Oceans Keep our Oceans Clean
These KedPro Shoes & their design is dedicated to keeping our Oceans clean & to *celebrating Earth Day 2010*. The wearer will be able to sport their love of Green Living while staying super-fly in Keds.

Both the fabric design background & Recycling Icons are photos of Southern California water. Fabric has graffiti that says: Recycle; Fresh Water; Ocean. The graffiti script: Fresh Water..."Water" is blurry indicating the blurring of this resource with out Stewardship, Citizenship & Responsibility.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Polyvore Collage 1 & 2 ;D

Found a new toy ... Polyvore's Collage software!!
These are my first two...lots of fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tim Gunn - Face Book Fan Site

Tim Gunn - Face Book Fan Site

Mr Gunn is promoting *Psoriasis* awareness and treatment.
~> this is an issue that is near to my family ~> my maternal Grandfather, a veteran of WW I, returned from war with Psoriasis as an outcome of being gassed with Mustard/sulfur & other vesicant chemical warfare agents used in that day. Passing in the 1970s, he suffered from and was treated for Psoriasis through the end of his life.
~> Today's treatments have improved and am thrilled to see this Campaign!!!
Please forward this link to those you know who are impacted by this condition.
Best wishes, Anna

Addressing Psoriasis campaign Video ~>

Uploaded by Anna~Banana on 11 Mar 10, 10.30AM PST.

new years 1.1.10

new years 1.1.10, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

Graphics © All rights reserved / © anne mccrary photography

Thanks to Vera...encouraged to upload some Graphic Art work to Flickr & my Blog ;D

Picnik collage

Picnik collage, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

3 Delta Graphics © All rights reserved / © anne mccrary photography

This is a collage of 3 - separate - graphics submitted for Tri-Delta's Designer T-Shirt Contest. photo of the pdf file. .... Having fun on my work sabbatical!

Thanks to Vera...encouraged to upload some Graphic Art work to Flickr ;D

Fresh Water

Fresh Water, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

This is the "fabric" used for my entrance in : * "PRO-Keds Pattern Shoe Contest!" *
The graphic is very/overly crisp here; this is lost when translated onto the fabric.

Shoe Description:
Dedicated to keeping our Oceans clean & to celebrate upcoming Earth Day 2010. The wearer will be able to sport their love of Green Living while staying super-fly in Keds. Both the fabric design background & Recycling Icons are photos of Southern California water. There is graffiti: Recycle; Fresh Water; Ocean. The words Fresh Water...Water is blurry as to indicate the blurring, or disappearing of this recourse."

Stewardship; Citizenship; Responsibility~>

ten ways to help keep our oceans green:

Uploaded by Anna~Banana on 9 Mar 10, 2.35PM PST.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


From my dear friend "Anna" Sunciti Sundaram, in India

~> " I . D I D . I T , H O W . A B O U T . Y O U !!!!

யாதுமாஹி நின்றாய் தோழி ,
எங்கும் நீ நிறைந்தாய்
சக்தி , சக்தி , சக்தி எங்கள் சக்தி

March, 08, International Women's Day. Trust them, Hand over the torch, and We all will be in good hands and win the game of life with glitter and glory. Hail Women
Em Powerment.

Women Empowerment Bill is placed in Parliament asking for 33 percent share. Why should there be inequality, Make it 50-50.

Why only March 08, as International Women's Day, Why not make all days are Women's Day. If you want happiness, joy and freedom for masters at home, then Empower Madam.

Trust Women, let them enjoy equal power, right, responsibility and wealth.

Contrary to general belief, In our Country, the supposed to be weaker sex is truly stronger.


There are several top woman Bankers, Educationists, Corporates, Judges, Freedom Fighter, Chief Ministers, Governors, Ambassadors, Top Bureaucrats, Icons and much more." <~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ode to Road Trips

Ode to Road Trips, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

Recently my sis-in-law Linda's flights from Vail to Dallas ..well, just did-not-happen.

To make a long/hideous/home-land-security-level-orange + winter storm/story/short, she drove home via rental SUV.

OM:Stars what an adventure....due to bad weather trip, said road took nearly 8 hours longer than predicted.

Flash forward to Friday 1/8 afternoon, was making my way out of town & got caught in "weekend get away traffic", Whilst stopped-still on the freeway, noticed this vignette in the console of my car with the following Road Trip Gear:
~> iTouch on Glee's version of Bust a Move
~> Vicks (wheter getting on a plane or in a car ... thanks mom! ;D )
~> best lip balm ever : Lobello...from Austria ....strawberry flavor ... from Linda of course !
~> Brighton jewelry bag as iTouch bag; great camouflage
~> Cell Phone + Charger ... this plus AAA card (not shown) are both mandatory equip, as sweet SIL Linda Lou also confirmed on her return trip from Vail ... woo hoo...adventures in driving!