Friday, March 12, 2010

Fresh Water

Fresh Water, originally uploaded by Anna~Banana.

This is the "fabric" used for my entrance in : * "PRO-Keds Pattern Shoe Contest!" *
The graphic is very/overly crisp here; this is lost when translated onto the fabric.

Shoe Description:
Dedicated to keeping our Oceans clean & to celebrate upcoming Earth Day 2010. The wearer will be able to sport their love of Green Living while staying super-fly in Keds. Both the fabric design background & Recycling Icons are photos of Southern California water. There is graffiti: Recycle; Fresh Water; Ocean. The words Fresh Water...Water is blurry as to indicate the blurring, or disappearing of this recourse."

Stewardship; Citizenship; Responsibility~>

ten ways to help keep our oceans green:

Uploaded by Anna~Banana on 9 Mar 10, 2.35PM PST.

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