Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Blog Entry !

'Twas a blustery day in Hollywood, my friends.
Mommy has a much better hairdo that this!
I just didn't take any other snaps, as we were too busy having fun!
We enjoyed 2+ week visit from my parents & youngest nephew starting the last week of May '08.
My parent's 50th Anniversary is June 22, 2008, and this trip kicked off their summer o'celebrating.

First weekend of their visit we celebrated my mommy's birthday. Our gang of friends took her to Lucille's BBQ; and with their permission brought along a Lemon Custard Cake from French's Bakery to the restaurant in one of those fabulous pink bakery boxes.

As we were enjoying our dinner we saw a pink bakery box being delivered to another party of patrons. Eeegadszooks man! Were they giving away our cake? Why, no there goes another pink box! No worries, apparently we're not the only folks that dig Frenchs'. Yum!

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