Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo Hunt ~ with Bruce & Betty

Enjoyed a fantastic day with our friends Bruce & Betty. Joined their Photography club for a Photo Hunt on the Crystal Cathedral campus, located in Garden Grove, CA. A location rich with subject matter.
Betty is a professional ~ portrait - Photographer, also a wonderfully patient and gifted teacher. How fortunate am I? Bruce was giving me pointers as well; however we segued into telling funny stories ~ correction: Bruce has the funny stories, I was his audience, with ready laughter.
At one point, Betty turned to us and asked "Are you two going to take any pictures, or are you going to chat all day?", our collective response was school children-esque giggles!

I followed Betty around, listening and watching what she chose as subject matter. Not any surprise, she's a popular mentor of other club members too. I picked up a lot, listening and observing; the ever happy apprentice!
While the Crystal Cathedral's gardens and architecture had lots of interest; the water features provided a sense of depth and textural energy that I just really enjoy...hope you do too!

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mad4books said...

COOL! Sure hope God would drop a Bruce & Betty in my life!

Loved your pictures--and never would have believed WATER photos could be so interesting!