Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parent's ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary trip

Pirates of the Mc'Craribbean ~ Sunday Part 2

They say pictures speak louder than words...and these say it all. By the way, the big boy (my sweet husband "Captain Kirk Sparrow" ) in all of the king of the raft shots, told me he slept really well that night. Taking on 3 teenagers the better portion of the afternoon, humm, no kidding! The only things he has "on them" are:
1) height:6'3"/ which they are quickly catching up ( Richard 5'11", Becca 5'5"; Missy 5'7"); and...
2) age: as the ole adage says: "age will over come youth with it's skill & cunning" As they are all A+ students & are on to his wily game, they will soon catch up here too; unfortunately!
He did admit to me "they (now 13-14) are all much stronger this summer!".
Needless to say the Pirates of the Mc'Craribbean all had a wonderful time, on this fine June Sunday afternoon!

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