Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Beautiful Southern California Peaches


mad4books said...

Wow. This looks *nothing* like the spindly, worm-infested peach tree in my Abilene, Texas backyard!

All mine does is drop branches & rotten peaches in the yard. Oh, and they draw the local possums (possum? what's the plural on that?) to our backyard Putrid Peach Depository...which drives my hunting dog CRAZY! I'm waiting for her to bring me a dead one.

Or even worse--a still-living one.

So, anyway, I'm real happy that your peaches are so ridiculously hale and hearty, Miss Show Off.

anne said...

Full disclosure here...
...these Peach trees are not in our yard, they are well tended by professionals!

And the reason they aren't in our yard is we too have opossums, racoons the size of German Shepherds...all manner of varmits! Including the Pirates of the Mc'Craribbean! ha ha

You'll feel right at home when you come for a visit!