Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Real Travel Style - Missing You all Already !!

Thrilled & Appreciative my fantasy travel set won 2nd place http://www.polyvore.com/weekend_in_roma/set?id=28452030 ~> This is my REAL travel style ~> Well worn Hartmann luggage; Old Navy t-shirts & dresses; Teva Flip flops, 512 boot cut Levis -> have spandex!; Nike (mine are white) slip on/off - must for ease of TSA transition; Toshiba widescreen laptop; Sony Alpha a390 + her gear (high maintenance when she travels!); iPod - loaded with movies, shows, podcasts & music!! +++ other assorted items. (my big brother is an engineer for John Deer at their zero emissions plant - so yea, those gloves are for real too)

Missing you Already Luv & Hugs !!!!

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