Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photography News

Dear ones,
As many of you know, I started taking photos last year (3/08) as a way to see if I could push myself to recover from the remaining neurological effects of a head injury/TBI sustained in a car accident (11/07). Thank God that passed & was quickly able to start having a lot of fun with this new medium.

This message is intended to do two things:
1) let you know I have put together a collection of some of my better photos and posted them for sale on; you can search for me by: anne mccrary, or use the links below.

Please forgive this Procter & Gamble style ad; this is not a solicitation for you to buy anything, rather just letting you ‘in’ on this exciting new chapter just as the page is being turned; a show & tell, if you will…..
Here is my Imagekind.Profile:
Which links you to my Gallery page:

2) Want to publicly thank my very generous & gracious photography mentors & friends Betty & Bruce Ashle. What fun times we’ve had snapping away & giggling too!
Also want to thank Steve Guererro, who let me borrow his uber-fab camera for a test drive; provides on-going guidance and council, which is invaluable!

And ~ also ~ thank all of my family and friends who have encouraged me during the past year both in the physiological & spiritual recovery from the car accident; as well as along this photography journey ~ what fun & this is just the beginning!
So, really, if these photos ‘stink’ it’s their fault ~ ‘cause they say they are all good….ha ha ha…LOL.

Seriously, do let me know what you think, as this is now officially a Customer Service business. :D

And…. if this self-serving nonsense of a show & tell just isn’t enough for you ~ more of my snaps are located here:

Thank you my dear friends for your indulgence & especially your much appreciated encouragement! xoxo, Anne

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